The Goal Achiever Program™ (G. A. P.)

Is the premier program for women who want to stop being stressed out creating a goal and contemplating its failure while writing it.

* Only 14 spots are available, so claim yours now! *

May 3rd, 2017 at 7PM EST

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Only 14 Spots Available

This course will unlock the powerful achiever in you. Its for women who want more purposeful and intentional success in their lives.

A four week coaching program for aspiring high achievers who are ready to impact the world in their own special way! 


  • Irritated about setting another goal just to be disappointed and self-critical. 
  • Stressed and fearful when it comes time to write out your goal because deep down you don’t believe you will achieve that goal.
  • Scared to respond when people ask about your goals because you want to keep them a secret to save yourself some embarrassment. 


  • Start achieving your goals to get you on the right road to creating your impact? 
  • Have your inner circle see you finally achieving goals and make you jump with joy deep on the inside? 
  • Have a confidence builder in yourself by being on the outside, the powerfully successful woman that you know you are on the inside?


  • You allowed every one else’s emergencies and priorities push your goal off of your “TO DO LIST” 
  • You lost your motivation after writing your goal during the meeting. 
  • You desperately took action three quarters into your time line in hopes of a miracle. 


  • You have tried multiple practices of checking off your TO DO LIST and they still aren’t TO DONE!
  • You are a bad mamma jamma and have had some success.
  • Or, If you are just getting started and want to make sure you get a solid process down to keep achieving goal after goal!

I’m Kourtney Coleman, CCP your Career Strategist.

I help professional women & entrepreneurs to stop wasting time, get out of their own way and create their impact. 

I’m a Certified Taylor Protocol’s Practitioner and I help women understand their innate nature and abilities to maximize their personal power and opportunities. 

I do it because I believe everyone was created to solve a problem or be the solution to a problem.

I believe everyone was created for a purpose and my purpose is to help those women fulfill theirs; I help them do what they were created to do. I’ve personally wasted so much time that I no longer subscribe to time wasting! I’m all about being productive to give my contribution to the world. I only have one life, and I have to complete my purpose! Not only from my Innate Core Values but from the many years of finding “my place," I have picked up knowledge that more women than just myself can benefit from. 

I have had multiple entrepreneur adventures and found a thread. I was always working to pull out of women what they were on the inside and to set it free on the outside. Free to be who they truly were! Whether it was my supplement business, jewelry, essential oil products, mentoring, photography, ministry, podcast or makeup. I was always wanting to explore the woman’s heart’s desire and to empower her to achieve it, but I lacked confidence. One day I woke up because I had enough of using a third party’s product to reach a woman to help her. I discovered I only needed what was on the inside of me. I got the confidence to ditch the products and say, “I am the product, I am here to empower and serve!” That prompted me to launch my podcast “THE IMPACT ZONE” ON ITunes. (It was too early in the journey for me) 

I’ve been overwhelmed before trying to be all things to everyone, leaving my voice unheard while trying to build a business and I caved, I QUIT. I really tried to just sit and watch tv (I HATE TV), eat dinner and figure out what people do who have no goals. That lead me to getting depressed because I wasn’t doing what I was called to do, empower women. I felt like what’s the use of me being here, if I only watch tv and die? I wouldn’t leave a legacy, impact the world, help someone make a change? (It’s amazing what being out of your purpose will do to you) So I cleared it up, and started over to give my contribution to the world. My circle was right when they laughed and said, I wouldn’t stay there long! This new journey called for more support, structure, tenacity, focused intentional actions, accountability, and tools. I refuse to not live out my purpose, this meant I had to set boundaries, goals and achieve them AND make sure my family understood my purpose and that I was committed to it. 

How about I use all that teaching I spend hours learning, observing and paid for! 

The Goal Achiever Program™ (G. A. P.) is the premier program for women who want to stop being stressed out creating a goal and contemplating its failure while writing it. 

This course will unlock the powerful achiever in you. It’s for women who want more purposeful and intentional success in their lives. A four week coaching program for aspiring high achievers who are ready to impact the world in their own special way! 

My elite course the (G. A. P.) will help you bridge the old you to the new way of achieving your goals to live out your purpose!

This program is for you if your goals are living the Mission Impossible life. You keep setting goals in invisible ink and self destructive paper because you are nervous about achieving them.

Even if you have let others set your goals for you, because you feel they believe in you achieving the goal more than you do! 

Maybe you have even stopped setting goals and have left your successes in the hands of the great and mighty wind and you are waiting for something to fall into your lap. 

Are you ready for this! Here’s what I have for you: 


The biggest piece of your goal is YOU and I’ll help you understand you better in order to maximize your strengths, and understand your areas of growth potential to achieve your goals. 


It’s a powerful thing and we will be using it with the help of NLP to assist you in achieving your goals.


You have EVERYTHING to say about your goal! We will be changing what you say to yourself about your goals. 


You won’t just be writing outrageous unattainable goals and moving a task from one paper to another. You will be setting up your realistic, attainable goal to achieve it with intentional, purposeful actions and accountability! 


You will know your goal, like you know how to get around your house at night in the dark when we are done. No more tip toeing around it, you will become one with your goal! 


There is no more hiding if you want to make an impact. If you show me your goal I will call you on it to help you accomplish what you say you want. You were made for this, and your impact isn’t for punks! Don’t back down!

Working together you will:

  • Discover who you are and how you are getting in your own way to maximize your personal power.
  • Learn how to setup your time and power up your mind to be productive. 
  • Say, “Bye Felicia” to the negative voice laughing at you creating another goal and hello to the empowered, and encouraged you! 
  • Become the responsible and powerful woman to achieve your goal instead of being scared of it.  
  • Take ownership of your purpose and the journey to get there by not hiding anymore. 

Here is how things will be different after working with me:

  • Understand who you innately are, your personal abilities and potential growth areas. 
  • You will learn how to utilize your personal power to maximize opportunities. 
  • Understand why you have difficulty with certain tasks and situations. Discovery & acknowledgment of your undesirable results and the root of them to change them. 
  • Learn how you feel about money and the leading role it plays in you achieving your goals. 
  • Learn and practice EFT, a technique to help you deal with mind blocks, tailored to you. 
  • Start clearing the clutter in your mind to focus on your goal. 
  • Learn how to break down your goal to understand what is required to achieve it. 
  • Create intentional actions for goal achievement. 
  • Learn and practice NLP techniques to help you become more productive in your work time. 
  • Become intimate with your goal to feeling inadequate about your goal. 
  • Practice techniques to help rewrite the script you say to yourself about your goals! 

You better be ready to work, that’s how you achieve a goal!

You will receive:

Your work through emails with your course information and work for the week. 

Link to my shared documents in your email for workbooks that you need to print out to work on. 

Have the ability to email me questions on the Call Feedback Form that you have so that I can answer them on our weekly call on Saturday.  

A PASSWORD PROTECTED COURSE PAGE where the course information will be stored. 

You will have the video/call number stored on your course page as well. 

You have a Call Feedback form to fill out to let me know where you are, any questions, and how you are progressing. 

We have a Private Facebook Group for my paid clients to be able to connect and report in.



CHECK YOUR ROOT TEACHING 250 - Discover what the source is for your undesirable results in your life and learn how to change your outcome! 

EXTRA BONUSES for Fast Action Takers 

INTERPRETATION SESSION 325 - On a call, you and I, go through your CVI Assessment and you’ll learn how to harness your personal power and nurture your areas for growth.

EXCLUSIVE EMAIL ACCESS 500 - 2 Weeks to personally email me and get a private response to your situation during the course.

Now people say I tell them the truth about a situation, not what they want to hear but need to hear so they ask me for my opinion. I used to think people didn’t appreciate it, now I know they do. I’m glad that they honor my desire to help them fulfill their goals.

Some have told me that they admire how I keep going to achieve my hearts desire no matter what happens. So I know they are watching from up close and far away! I’ve had people who I didn’t even know were watching me, to say that I was inspiring to them and thought, how? They said because I’m passionate about everything I do and how I want to help other women achieve success! They appreciate me going after what I want!

My very own accountability partners have told me that I’m tough but it’s needed so I’m grateful that they allow me to be myself and help them achieve their goals.
I got certified with Taylor Protocols because I wanted a tool that aligned with my beliefs and this one checked a lot of boxes for me. I don’t believe that anybody should just go around saying, “I know what you should do.” I believe that YOU, in your spirit knows what is best for you and what you should be doing. Sometimes, you just need a tool and guidance to help you get back in touch with yourself and get going! I’ve invested in myself with a lot of personal development work, skills, knowledge, support and I’m not afraid to use it, to help others! I’ve accomplished a number of things, but I still need to help more women like you, accomplish their purpose!

I call myself the Supporter’s Supporter.

If you don’t sign up to start intentionally working on your purpose, then when will you? You will look up and it will be another 10 years that have flown by and you will be in the same place. Is that what you really want? I don’t think so otherwise you wouldn’t be this far down the page. (I’ve procrastinated before and regretted that I missed multiple opportunities.) 

If you didn’t need help you wouldn’t be reading to see what you could go and grab for free and try to work on it alone again in hopes for new results. You’ll just be wasting more time. I’ve been there, free isn’t worth it. I’ve found it cost me more than I wanted to pay. 

If you sign up now, you’ll have peace of mind that you don’t have to come up with the antidote and then do the work. You could just do the work and get the results, because I’ve done the work already. I’m playing my role and now you have to play yours. 

Because I want to offer you my personal attention I can only have 14 women in this round of this course and I don’t want you to miss out on how you could be making an impact now. 

I’ve never found regret to be beneficial. SO...




Is 800 as a beta program paid in full

or 4 payments of 265 to be paid by May 20th! 

The course will run May 1 - May 27th, 2017 

We will start the course Wednesday, May 3, 2017, at 7pm EST. for a short Welcome call. 

Your first week’s lesson will be sent out by email on Monday, May 1st. 

Saturday, May 6th at 9am EST. we will have our first Q & A call. All other Saturdays will be at 1pm. EST.

Doors to the program will be closing May 4th at 5pm EST.  

I only have 14 seats available. 

Would this type of support equip you to accomplishing more?

I’ve invested a good amount of money and I’ve wasted and invested some years to get to this point! You don’t have to waste anymore time or efforts with my support. You can invest in yourself, and your purpose. You do realize you miss out on opportunities when your purpose is waiting on you?

When you stand in the G. A. P. you are taking intentional actions to achieve your goal, because you are proving to everyone and everything you mean business and are driven by your purpose!

As I mentioned before this is a BETA program. If I were to hold it, the price will increase. However because of the flow of programs for the year, I’m not sure when I will hold it again. 

Sign up by April 25th, to be sure to be one of the people who get two weeks of priority email access to me.


Your CVI interpretation session where I walk you through your report and give you some insights to help guide you along your journey.

Registration is CLOSING MAY 4, 2017 AT 5PM EST


Don’t be left in the same place come June 1st!

There are 14 women who will be further along in their purpose. 

When you hit the above button to “stand in the G. A. P.” 

You will need to select your payment option. 

After you press Submit, you will be taken to the Course Registration page. 

You will need to fill this out so that I can get information about you. 

Please use the email you want your course information to be sent to on the form. 

You will get a confirmation page and you will need to put your email address in this next field to be added to the course’s email list for your materials. 

I will send you an email with the link to your assessment when I have finished processing your registration. 

Registration is closing on May 4th 5pm EST. 

Don’t be left in the same place come June!

There are only 14 seats available at this price! 

Let’s be honest and look at reality here. I need you to be vulnerable with yourself. Which is more important staying the same or living a fulfilling life while creating your impact? Now we both know doing the same thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. I don’t believe in getting into cars where people drive me crazy. I make intentional focused actions to achieve what I want. 

I want you to be the type of woman who does the same. 

It’s such a confidence builder to be in control instead of reaction mode for your life! You deserve to be happy and fulfilled doing what you were created to do. Now it is the right time to take a step forward in facing your fears, and standing in the G. A. P. from your past to your future! You know nobody else can do it for you. 


I put in the work to bring you the content and exercises. 

ve used them myself (still do) When you do the work you will change for the better. 

You will have more confidence when you take ownership of your goal.

You will own and understand your goal better.

I will teach what I put on the agenda.

I will respond and partner with you I can put my all into the program but I cannot want your dream more for you than you want it for yourself. 

I can’t guarantee your results because I can’t make anyone do the work. The work is challenging and you may be uncomfortable at times, but it is worth the growth and accomplishment. 

I actually have to pay for materials and access to tools so I can’t give you a refund. Your return of growth from the exercises is more than the course is priced. It’s in your best interest to do the course. 

If you feel this is too much of a financial challenge for you even with the payment plan, then I suggest you wait for another opportunity. 

Who is they program for?

The for women who want to stop saying they are doing something and they aren’t and are ready to make their dreams happen by accomplishing their goals. 

I’m not a leader or manager, can I still benefit from the program?

Absolutely! This is my foundational goal achieving program. You don’t have to own a business, or currently be a leader; you can be aspiring to increase your life to make your impact!

I am really busy and work a day job. How much time do I need to commit to this program each week?

Great question. Wednesday nights the session starts at 7 pm EST, and I would like for it to be about an hour unless the module covers a lot and I want to make sure I give space to digest the information. I already talk kind of fast. I do have a lot of materials to get through so it may be over or under sometimes. Worksheets - This should be done while listening to the call. Journaling - This could be 15 plus minutes a night. Personally when achieving a goal, how much time I spend isn’t an issue because of the purpose of the time. Make sure your time is focused and clear of distractions to get the most of your time! FOCUSED EFFORTS.

Whew, I have to pay for her to help me?

YES, I have a family and responsibilities!

Will this be recorded?

YES, I’ll record the sessions if by phone or be webinar, some of your lessons may already be pre-recored. Like I said. I may not offer this intensive live again, and this may become a self-paced product. I’ll email out the replay. If something goes haywire, I'll record it and send it out. It’s only fair.

Will I really be doing WORK or is she just giving me two little questions to say she gave us work?

NOPE, More than likely you will be like, "OH my gosh! I didn’t know working on me was so much work!" If you want to change it requires work. I will challenge you, ask you to do things to change to get different results. It’s the only way to get something different — do something different, challenge what is! DON’T RUSH WORKING ON YOU!

Can I share the materials with someone else?

NO, absolutely NOT, you can share the sales page with them before registration closes. It’s basically stealing from me and taking food off of my table and gas out of my car! So please don’t. Don’t try to teach it to your friend, it’s the same thing! Everyone pays for their own seat at the table to eat!

I have a family and responsibilities to take care of. I believe in respecting other people’s work and compensating them for their work. Please respect my work and do not share the materials. I am not giving any rights for any type of editing, duplication or disbursement of the information, reteaching or materials. Taylor Protocols owns all of their processes, assessment, and materials. I can’t protect you from them. They are my partner!

What's your regular website?


I’m excited to join. How do I pay?

Click here to go to the PayPal link to pay and fill out your registration form.

I’ve got questions, how can I contact you?

Send me an email at with the subject line “The Goal Achievement Program™ question." I’ll be more than happy to correspond via email to answer your questions. I check my email multiple times a day, so in most cases, you get a response within a couple of hours if not minutes.

I have heard people say,Women do whatever they set their minds to. They pay for whatever they really want. They make it happen when they want something bad enough.” I used to think there were just being dramatic. Until I was the one who could not take being in the same unfulfilling position anymore. Then I did what I had to do to change my life, and it was worth it!

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